Can we possibly have enough of Elaine?

Brief Encounter

Due to popular demand we have extended the duration of  Elaine’s photographic exhibiton for another fortnight; the closing date is now Saturday 30 May. The reception the work has been getting from our customers and passers by has been very positive, many making the comment that it is refreshing to see such fine art images displayed in an environment outside of a gallery.

“Elaine Duigenan’s intriguing photographic images re-contextualise hairnets and stockings, transforming these resolutely feminine accoutrements into strange, eerily beautiful artefacts.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to view framed and boxed editioned prints from Elaine’s new series Nylon and Net.

Elaine has exhibited widely internationally. Both series were solo shows in Houston and Boston in January 2009. Two of Elaine’s photographs are in the National Collection at the V&A Museum, and on May 16th these go on display as part of the re-launch of the History of Photography Gallery. Running concurrently with our show, Elaine’s images will feature in an exhibition at her gallery in NewYork, making a timely connection since the word ‘nylon’ derives from ‘New York LONdon’.

Elaine often pops into the shop to see how things are going and is always happy to talk about her work. To mark the end of the exhibition we have organised for her to give a brief lecture  about her inspiration and the process she goes through to make such wonderful images.

Please join us at 6.00pm on Thursday 28 May to hear Elaine discuss her work ‘in conversation’, over a glass of wine.We hope to see you there!

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