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It’s been a beautiful day in Dorset. We went for drives in the  Morris 1000. The sun is now setting along the valley. Maggie, Roland, Will and I have just a delicious lunch. Mags & Roland are off to Cornwall as we slip into a quiet afternoon listening to the carol service from Kings College.

My regret, as always, is not getting around to sending Christmas cards. Time was when this was something I got to, in time, with relish. But I think (as my friend George said the other day) this is just a period of our lives when Christmas cards are, just, not going to happen.

Looking back, I found this Christmas Alphabet, which I made in the winter of 1998, a few months before I moved to New York; in the days when I could draw (and had time to). A bottle of champagne to the first reader who emails me with a correct list of contents. B is for Book Room. D is for dusk. V is for View (of a Valley, in Wales).   The rest I must leave you to guess.

All answers on a postcard please, or better still on an email to, by the 6th January 2012.

Have a very very happy, peaceful Christmas. With love, from Ben

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This is exquisite!!


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