Coronation Spring

We had the best weekend.  Wilfred and Molly came to stay.  Here we all are, in the gloaming, marvelling at Charlie’s mad and beautiful Coronation Decorations… At breakfast on Coronation morning we were joined, of course, by a very special guest.
You get the message?  We settled down to watch on the projector…. At times, it was a bit too much for some of us.  Later that afternoon, getting ready for lunch. Drinks in the evening with friends, followed by Coronation chicken for supper, of course.

And after the torrential rain of Coronation day, there was spring like sunshine the next morning…
We went to see my brother and sister in law and their family. That evening more mist and cloud rolled in. The bank holiday Monday saw the most amazing misty afternoon.  The landscape was drenched, saturated, still, incredibly beautiful.

The next day I was off early for work, to a site visit in Dorset, then back up to London. A very busy few days and on Friday I was back home. Yesterday we went for a wonderful walk to the Valley of the Stones to see the bluebell hills, just reaching their perfection in a week or two… Supper last night with our friend Sam and his mum, at one of the most beautiful houses in the valley (you can even stay in their shepherd’s hut here We rolled home happy after an evening filled with laughter.

This morning was one of the most beautiful mornings of the year.  Mist rising, sun burning through. 

The valley is bursting with spring green and life. It’s a good moment. Whatever the troubles of the world, on a morning like today, you feel happy to be alive.

There are exciting new shoots at Pentreath & Hall too.  This week brings the much-anticipated launch of Bridie’s extraordinary new soap collection – two years at least in the making and designing. And then we have further exciting news that Bridie and I can’t wait to share soon…


God Save the King! People here (in the US) seem to scratch their heads over the Coronation fuss, but it’s living history, isn’t it? The personalities, and perceptions of, the people involved can be set aside for the grandeur of the event. I was delighted to see many photos in the media showing ordinary Brits out in patriotic force, celebrating. However, I think my favorite photo from this post (Special Guest notwithstanding) is Sybil’s nonchalant response to the hoopla! I laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing.

Diane Keane

Beautiful picture of the garden and valley. Loved Charlie’s Coronation pictures and nice of him to even invite King Charles for the celebration. Cannot wait to see Bridies new soap collection and other new things coming to your shop.

Darlene Chandler

There’ll always be an England , thank God! (from the USA)

Joseph R Ornig

Simply Heaven.. thank you so much Ben, your blog is always the best thing ever!

Maria Sartori

I also love reading your posts and enjoying your beautiful picture here in Melbourne.

Patricia Childs

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