E is for Emily Sutton

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, which I would entirely understand, but might like to, you can here) you will have noticed that I’ve been particularly excited in the last couple of days about the beautiful St. Judes production of Random Spectacular – a truly beautiful, and fascinating, thing. I’m afraid all copies of No. 1 have sold out (within 48 hours) but may I recommend you sign up now so that you know when the next Spectacular will arrive?


Well, amongst many spectacular pages I think my favourites are the ones which follow: Tuscan Town Scenes, by Emily Sutton. Incredible, no?


I first came across Emily’s work this summer, and her lovely printed fabric, Curiosity Shop, for St. Judes. 

But Random Spectacular prompted me to have a better look at her work. A small and beautiful selection from her website:

Some of these remind me very much of the Sicilian shop signs I photographed in the summer. And we can’t get enough of those.

This last print is from her ongoing Alphabet series. I rather think we have a new Edward Bawden. And that E is not for Elephant, but it is for Emily Sutton. Hooray!

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