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This is a short blog. It’s all about pictures, not about words. It’s about the moment, on the turn from Spring to Summer, as we rush towards the summer solstice, when we suddenly realise that it is light later and later, evenings longer… that the sun is setting further and further into the west before it goes down below the horizon. I have always loved the long summer evenings; as the light fragments and stretches into a long dusk. There is an extraordinary moment in the garden just as the sun goes down… the gloaming.

This weekend, Charlie was in London and I was in Dorset; I’m back in London now, and he’s gone to France to help his friend Bridget set up house for a couple of days. So the evenings feel a little solitary, but all the more beautiful for it. Charlie’s gardening is looking amazing – both here on the roof, and down west.

So I thought we’d just sit back, and enjoy some photographs of the gardens by dusk.

Have a really great week ahead. There are exciting things happening at Ben P towers at the moment, but that can all wait for another day!

P1070194 P1070201 P1070205 P1070211 P1070214 P1070215 P1070216 P1070218 P1070221 P1070220P1070223P1070231 P1070236 P1070238 P1070257 P1070258 P1070264 P1070269 P1070272 P1070274 P1070276 P1070278 P1070279 P1070280 P1070281 P1070283 P1070287 P1070288 P1070290 P1070291 P1070292 P1070294 P1070299 P1070300 P1070302 P1070304 P1070305 P1070315 P1070317 P1070323P1070324 P1070326 P1070328 P1070329 P1070330 P1070335

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