Getting ahead…

I was going to be helping Robin in the shop this weekend. We’ve been taking it all apart and putting everything back – repainting, fresh carpet, and a good New Year change-around – as well as getting everything ready to open the interior decoration studio later in the spring.

Anyway, as I say, I was meant to be helping. But Robin said he was very happy doing the new display himself (in fact, I got the feeling he meant happier). I’m endlessly being told to get better at delegating – so what could be better than jumping in the car and driving straight down to Dorset?

Nothing, that’s what. The weather was beautiful – spring-like, almost. The valley was filled with the sound of birdsong and I spent the whole day in the garden; again this morning. There is something innately satisfying about a long hard day’s work in the garden. And, for once in my life, of that slight feeling of getting ahead. I’ve cleared the borders, and we’re mulching it all from the great pile of compost that has magically, mysteriously, made itself from a years’ worth of veg peelings and garden waste. I’ve moved the cloches in place to get patches of soil a little warmer, ready for sowing next month.

And today I sowed my broad beans. Getting ahead!

Last night I went over for supper with some friends – and picked this little bunch of flowers from the garden for them. That was inspiration, indeed.

I came back this evening to London. Robin has done a truly brilliant job in the shop. But that is another story. Visit when we open in the morning, and we will post some pictures very soon!



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