Getting ready in the garden…

We’ve been hard at work in the garden at the Old Parsonage… and last weekend it was time to bring in the muck! Ian and Denise, my lovely friends who run a local biodynamic farm, supplied the best manure you’ve ever seen, David from the village somehow got roped in to helping shovel shit, and here’s Liz (who will be helping me in the garden) kindly offering a helping hand and a wheelbarrow too.


Monica was behind the camera although I don’t think we made much of a fashion shoot.










Muck safely spread it was time for a big lunch in the kitchen, a beautifully cooked 5 year old silverside from Denise, pot roasted with biodynamic veg, and a nice bottle or two of red. I made my mum’s Queen of Puddings but we forgot (you will be glad to hear) to take a photo of that.












That evening, I think everyone was a bit knackered and early to bed. The following morning the valley was swathed in mist and a light drizzle. The rain stopped for a moment and here was the garden in the grey morning light – full of promise for the summer! Watch this space… surplus veg will be brought to London and there’ll be a basket for sale in the shop!


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