Godly and quietly

Autumn is shifting into gear now.  We had huge rain and thunderstorms last night and woke this morning to a drenched landscape, but the clouds soon swept through to be followed by blue skies and warm, autumnal sunshine.

These photos were taken just a week ago, and it’s amazing to see how subtly, imperceptibly, the landscape shifts at this time of year – as it does in spring.  Blink, and you will miss it.   One week on, the vivid leaves of the virginia creeper that climbs all over the side of the house are beginning to drop.  Everything gleamed this morning – even the wires looked like cobwebs.  Ravilious at every turn.  I posted some of these photographs on Instagram this morning and reflected that Charlie and I must have made this walk somewhere between one and two thousand times now.  Every time, it’s just a little bit different. 

We went to church this morning. During the Communion service there’s a prayer of intercession, and it runs like this.

“We beseech thee to save and defend all Christian kings, princes and governors; and specially thy servant, Charles our King, that under his will we may be godly and quietly governed, and grant unto his whole Council, and to all that are put in authority under him, that they may truly and impartially minister justice, to the punishment of vice, and to the maintenance of thy true virtue”. 

That’s my thought for today. Is it too much to ask, I wonder, because I think it’s what’s needed right now here in Great Britain.


So beautiful and timeless. Thank you!


Lovely photos, great camera if it’s on an iPhone.


Fyi there’s a screening of a film about Eric Ravilous as part of Purbeck film festival think it’s Wednesday this week in Swanage at the Mowlem theatre on the seafront (unfortunately clashes with a booking I’ve made to see a Hitchcock at the small private cinema within the magnificent Creech Grange near Kimmeridge, it’s all ruched curtains and Egyptian sphinxes can’t wait


Lovely prayer… we pray in our church that our leaders here in the US will lead in a just and Godly way

Teresa Person

Magnificent pictures, glorious colours.
Your conclusion is truly comforting, all the more so as we are going through an age when wokeism and political correctness prevail.
Thank you ever so much for your uplifting weekly blogs.

Jean-Bernard LASSERRE

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