I don’t know about you…

But I’ve been baking.  All those flipping “GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS NOW” Blogs to live up to.  Yikes. How do they do it?  Hang on… how do I do it?

Actually, I just thought I’d surprise everyone and bring some mince pies into the office when I get back to London tomorrow afternoon.  Only, I suppose having turned this selfless private gesture it into a “How the flip do i do it aren’t you jealous of my busy lifestyle” blog, it won’t be such a surprise after all. Hmm.

It’s been a manic day: my friend George and I have been getting a major planning application in today. And if I’m really honest – there’s not much which is nicer at the end of all that than emptying your brain of all thought and turning flour and butter into pastry and then into pies. Magic. If only building was quite so simple.

And quick. God, I love how quickly cooking happens.  It’s taking 5 years to build the part of the development that George and I, and our friend Johnny, have been designing down here in Dorset (and about another 30 years for it to get nice, lived in, rough around the edges). I’m just about to start work on a project in Scotland which is going to take sixty years (SIXTY YEARS) to finish. Strange to think I’ll be dead! So it’s quite nice to cook some mince pies in 15 minutes to perfection, 5 minutes to cool.

My preferred recipe of choice: Orlando Murrin from the BBC website. You can find it here, and when it says it’s unbelievably easy… yes, it’s flipping unbelievably easy.  Believe me. Impress your friends, please your granny. Make some mince pies.  Although I would recommend 15 minutes in the oven, not 20, unless you like black pies.

While we’re at it: I took this photo in the Sunday sunshine. I liked very much the way the light was falling on my dresser, and on the Wedgwood biscuitware terrine, with its handle in the shape of a perfect, crouching rabbit. Nice, hey?

Quite a different from freezing, drenched Dorset today. Time to bake.


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