I was just…

Looking at my holiday snaps. So, I know, the other night, I denied everyone photos of Sienese churches and misty hillsides (although I do have a few of those). Well this evening I thought the better of such holiday-photo-snobbery.

It was a good year for sunflowers in Tuscany. I’m never quite sure why this is so one year and not another – something to do with EU subsidies for sunflower oil. Have you ever cooked with sunflower oil? No, I didn’t think so.

Anyway, one day last week, Val and I drove down to San Quirico d’Orcia to visit her great friend Leigh (and Leigh’s remarkable and welcoming family, who had rented a historic old convent near the town, in the fabulous, happy, impressive style that is unique to Americans. Which makes one wish that Americans would concentrate on going on holiday more and to war less).

On the way, we came across an amazing valley of sunflowers. And on the way back, we decided to stop the car in a tiny layby so we could pop back and take some snaps. Which was all well and good, except that as I was on my way back to the car, the slowest (yes, I mean the slowest) tractor in the world overtook us. Behind which we had to sit for about 20 miles on our way home.

At the time I was not sure it was worth it, but now I feel it was.






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