Jubilee Hall

What is that splash of vivid red I spied out of my bedroom window when I woke up early this morning? Hmm. I was not particularly thrilled that the black poppies I’ve ordered have all come out today – and appear to be bright scarlet! But what is not great for the borders here at the Old Parsonage is strangely rather appropriate for the Jubilee weekend.  A red-white-and-blue flower arrangement (the first and last time, I suspect, that that will ever happen) in a rather rare Ravilious Coronation mug – one that never got the pink and yellow decoration.

Anyway, I feel this is what the well-dressed hallway is wearing this weekend.

So, Happy Jubilee! The weather has been a little stormy in Dorset but the sun is on the brink of shining for our village lunch (pictures may follow) and we’re hoping for a fantastic turn out for the huge Jubilee fireworks party we’re putting on in the village tomorrow! All tickets sold out!!  Have a great celebration with love from all at Ben P towers.


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