Lambswool Throws by Ben Pentreath X Johnstons of Elgin Interiors

Introducing a new collection of Lambswool throws for Pentreath & Hall in collaboration with Johnstons of Elgin.

Along with a much larger collection of home interior fabrics designed with Johnstons of Elgin, Ben was also able to have a small and perfectly formed collection of vibrantly coloured, warmly hued lambswool blankets for us to offer at Pentreath & Hall.

Of the collaboration Ben says; "The strands of Scotland are part of the warp and weft of my design life, and it felt like an almost seamless extension of this narrative to begin working with the wonderful and talented people at Johnstons of Elgin in collaborating on this new collection.

As the first physical samples came off the mills, I heard that there were some
raised eyebrows – but also smiles – amongst the factory production team, who
are responsible for the highly sustainable creation of thousands of miles of
perfectly produced woven cashmere and wool every year – a truly global export
business from this small corner of Scotland. At a time when the wider world feels full of troubles, I hope that the colour, intensity, and beautiful production of this small collection puts a happy smile on your face too and provides some exciting – yet timeless – new ingredients for your interior decoration in years to come.

The hardest part was deciding which combinations, out of the hundreds that we looked at together, wouldn’t make it into production. Throughout the process, the brilliant and extremely knowledgeable team at Johnstons looked after me and held my hand through the complex technical sides of production that are an equally fascinating ingredient in the alchemy of design and making of woven cloth."

To find out more about the larger collection find out more at Johnstons of Elgin Interiors

To see our collection of Lambswool throws, click HERE.

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