Midsummer mist

I woke up very early this morning – my ears still ringing after a crazy, fantastic night of dancing until the small hours to the sounds of the brilliant Slipped Disc at my neighbour’s birthday party… who needed Glastonbury anyway?

A mist had descended on the valley overnight. The air was thick, warm and damp. I went for a walk around the garden, and then down to the lake – which I had rarely seen looking so beautiful as it was today. So I hope you will forgive my taking a lot of photographs.

I slipped in to the house and back to bed. Waking much later, hot sun had burned through the cloud. West Dorset (I suspect like most of the country), was bathed in incredible sunshine all day. I was round for lunch with my friends Sophia and Mike – Mike who has helped do all the heavy lifting in the garden (did you think I put up that fence around the veg garden myself? No, I did not).  We basked in the incredible heat and ate an amazing lunch and drank too much cider.

It’s reassuring—and rather wonderful—to think how one beautiful day can make us forget that month of gales and rain that seem to have been June 2011. Happy midsummer.

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