Of Cabbages and Kings

Oh dear, I feel like I’m turning in to Sarah Raven. Basically, I love Sarah Raven, although I think it could be a finely balanced thing as to whether I might suddenly start not liking her. But for now, I’m very happy to start mistaking myself for her.

It was a weekend in the veg patch; rainshowers one minute, baking sunshine the next. Mum and Dad came to stay and we went to my Uncle’s 80th birthday party in Lyme Regis – 41 Pentreaths (or cousins) all in one room, the eldest 91 and the youngest 3. What do you give an 80 year old uncle who has expressly forbidden all presents? A box of vegetables picked that morning seemed a good bet.

(Bridie, if you like that little bunch of flowers tucked in the corner of the box – I’ve brought you one for the shop this evening).

I was particularly struck today by the beauty of the cabbages, January King and the Cavolo Nero, or Tuscan Kale. They are for the future. For now, its all about peas and courgettes. Here was lunch today. Delicious – but do you see what I mean about Sarah Raven?!

veg box


tuscan kale





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You must try frying the courgettes’ flowers! chef kiss


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