On the cusp

There’s a moment, around now, when I suddenly realised that spring is on the brink of summer. I’m never quite ready in my mind.  Are we nearly half way through the year already? All of a sudden, the evenings are much longer and it’s light at 5 in the morning. The countryside is saturated with colour: we were driving back from a site the other day, and saw a great field of yellow oilseed rape, edged with copper beech trees – as Rupert from my office said at the time, it felt like driving through a drawing by David Hockney. Or then, I was in the garden last night at sunset and the sound of birdsong was intense. Winter seems a very long way away. Whichever way you look at it, I love early May.

I’ve had the quietest weekend imaginable (those sorts of days when the only person you speak to all day is the person in the shop when you’re buying your newspaper). I can’t say I mind feeling a bit reclusive every now and again. It’s good, although it reminds you why you love your friends. Well, anyway, I’ve had what, I think, in the 19th century, was known as a Rest Cure. I’ve spent most of the weekend in the garden, and while it doesn’t make for the most interesting life, or blog, for that matter, there’s nothing – nothing in the world – like the peace and calm that arises from spending a whole day digging and raking and sowing, with the sun on your back, and thinking about nothing else at all other than the task immediately in front of you. Bliss.P1030644

So there’s very little to write about at all. But lots to look at.

P1030595 P1030596 P1030598 P1030597 P1030599 P1030602 P1030603 P1030604

I don’t think I’d planned so many queen of the night and black parrot tulips in my head, but they are kind of working. More creams and lemon yellows next year (note to self).

P1030605 P1030607 P1030609 P1030610 P1030612 P1030613 P1030614 P1030618 P1030619 P1030621 P1030622 P1030624

I love the patterns made by rows of newly planted vegetables, full of optimism; and I love the moment when the beech hedge breaks into new growth.  Blink, and you’ve missed it.

P1030627 P1030629 P1030631 P1030632 P1030633 P1030635 P1030637 P1030648 P1030650 P1030658 P1030659

The house goes green or purple depending on the trees outside the window:

P1030642 P1030643 P1030653 P1030654

I walked across the green to watch a perfect, soft, misty sunset, and have a chat with very inquisitive young cows. (that is how exciting my life got this weekend).

P1030660 P1030663 P1030664 P1030665 P1030668 P1030671 P1030673 P1030674 P1030676 P1030677

P1030679 P1030680 P1030682 P1030683 P1030684 P1030686 P1030685

This week, I’m quite excited, by contrast. I’m off to Stockholm on Thursday morning for a few days – a trip that Maggie and I have planned for years, and the first time I’ve been. All advice is very welcome!

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