Painted Rainbow Needlepoint cushions for Fine Cell Work

In 2018 I was inspired by the work of the nun pop artist Corita Kent and had some fun painting some simple bright rainbows. This coincided nicely with a meeting at Fine Cell Work about a new collection, the Zig Zag Cushions. This was almost a side note to the meeting. I left the painting behind and 18 months later it was returned to me as a beautiful needlepoint cushion. Those familiar with my work will know I have always favoured the primary colours of the rainbow, I love how these have turned out on a clean and rich cream background. The first batch came back from the stitchers as the Covid lockdown began to lift. Its been a nice thought that during such a time, rainbows were being made in prisons, hopefully adding a little light to the days of those making them. Available in limited numbers from Pentreath & Hall.

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