Pentreath & Hall Creamware Collection

The reassuringly traditional plain glazed cream earthenware made by the great English potteries of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, known as creamware, has been a stock staple of Pentreath & Hall since we opened our doors over 14 years ago.

We began with wonderful Leeds Creamware, now sadly no longer made, but still in daily use in both Ben and Bridie’s homes, which later led on to our own small fine collection of creamware column candlesticks (antique examples being so rare to find these days), and always with a smattering of early antique examples up for consideration too. In our opinion every home needs a little creamware, but most need a lot.

Pentreath & Hall are now proud to present these three latest additions to our P&H Creamware Collection.

A Loving Cup of unprecedented proportions, generous enough to accommodate all your Valentine flowers and an elaborate painterly commemorative dedication to its exterior… which we look forward to exploring ourselves very soon.

A Lidded Urn with Handles following in the tradition of the achingly elegant versions from Wedgwood, which are seldom seen and impossible to obtain, accompanied by a Lidded Urn without Handles. When not in use as vases, these stand handsomely complete with their lids featuring our own stylised decorative acorn finial.

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