Signs of the Times

It’s been quite an exhausting week in the North, and I’m still waiting to unpack my camera when all our stuff gets delivered back down to London next week. So despite having a perfect London weekend, drifting in the late May sunshine around Marylebone, I thought instead that I would post a photograph of that fleeting cow parsley moment that I snapped down in Dorset on the way into the village last weekend. I absolutely love this time of year – the combination of cloudy white verge and intense green hedgerow is, basically, perfect.

The beautiful black and white typography of the road sign reminded me of the brilliant tea towels I bought a little while ago from Michelle Thompson and Gareth Wild at Apropos, who have photographed fading East Anglian road signs and made these rather wonderful records of a fading part of their landscape. The perfect present, incidentally, should you find yourself staying for the weekend in Suffolk – which I will be in the summer, for quite a fun reason (of which more in due course).

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