Sitting Down Sports

I will blog a bit more about the week’s doings (for instance I’m about to move the first bits and pieces into my new flat…) when I’ve fixed my camera. Or, rather, the means to download photographs into my photo library, which (at time of writing) might have taken a trip into neverland. Which I am staying calm about.

In the meantime, I have just discovered my favourite thing of all about the Olympics. Not #SirDannyBoyle; not even the Queen and Bond; nor the fantastic cauldron designed by my friend Tom Heatherwick displaying his genius for seeing things differently once again.

No, it’s the small set of wood engravings by Jonathan Mercer over at Starch Green, Sitting Down Sports. Pure genius. Of course we’re only good at winning medals when we’re sitting down!

I suggest you sit down and get your prints right now.



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