Staying still

I’m longing to have a moment of staying still. Today – I’m off to a wedding of a very old friend, which is exciting; tomorrow – a trip back up to Scotland where the foundation stone is being laid on a development of new houses that we have been designing on the estate at Dumfries House, that sleeping, dream house that Prince Charles rescued 3 years ago.

Anyway, this is all very well but I’m quite looking forward to not moving for a while when I get back. I was down in Dorset last week. The clouds rolled over and the wind blew all weekend (you can read my blog on the FT how to spend it here). There wasn’t a moment when one wanted to be in the garden. The only thing to do was… nothing. Do you know the feeling?

On Friday evening the clouds parted briefly for a beautiful sunset. I took a few shots of the garden – which, drought stricken, and waiting to fill out, looks better in these photographs than it does in reality. But we don’t need to know that here, do we?



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