The Hone Museum

Recently, we installed a collection of Peter Hone plasters on the back wall of the shop. The outcome being far more impressively dramatic then we expected lead us to rename the area ‘The Hone Museum’.


Of course it can only be considered an out post of the real ‘Hone Museum’, which is in Peter’s flat in West London. Crammed with architectual  mouldings, statues, brackets, plinths. The ceiling had 3500 plaster tiles applied to it which needed reinforcing halfway through the project. The morning Ben and I visited we were speechless for the first twenty minutes (which was a first!), so overwhelming was the collection.


From this we were able to comission a selection to be for sale in the shop. Ranging from  3ft long relief friezes for the wall to a 2″ crown for the tabletop or treasure box. Dreseden plaques, Soane and Floral Brackets, Lion Heads in varying sizes, Floral Roundels, Bows, Intaglio Medallions, Key Patterns, Sunflowers, Primroses, Tudor Roses, Nebuchadnezzar’s Tomb filled with all the Roman Emperors. Not to mention the resin casts of Hercules and Sappho, made to be hung in a window so when the sun shines upon them the room will be filled with colour and inspiration will be beamed through these icons.

All can be viewed and enjoyed in the shop. A selection is available from our website mostly to be found in the Necessities Department (where else?) which will gradually be added to over the next while.

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Hello, I am an interior designer and I am completely obsessed with the beautiful photo of the wall with all the plasterwork mouldings. I would love to specify this and all of the products in the image as a proposal for a client, and I wondered if there is any possibility you could provide me with a list of the items and a high resolution version of the photo? It would sell it so perfectly to the client, and I would love to include it all in my presentation.

Rebecca Larn

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