The Rorschach Ink Blot Test


Combing through the stalls at Spitalfields Market a week or so or go, I was quite taken with this Ink Blot Test Kit. First printed in 1921, this edition was printed in 1948. 

I can’t help but wonder who V.G. Hood was and who these ink blot plates may have been held up too? What it is they may have seen within them? Would the answers have determined their fate as to whether it was off to the mad house or high doses of Lithium? So intriguing!

I’ve tested myself and can’t help but feel my answers are rather benign, thankfully. They are at the bottom of the post if you want to take a look at them.

Why not try the test yourself?


















My Ink Blot Test Answers;

I. Vampire Bat. 

II. Face with an open mouth.

III. African Women Drumming.

IV. A Giant Anteater standing over you.

V. Another Bat flying.

VI. An Animal Hide.

VII. Punch from ‘Punch and Judy’ mirrored.

VIII. Two Red Chameleons Mounted on a Verterbrate

IX. Laughing Jesters facing each other.

X. A lot of Tropical Sea Life.

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