The World of Interiors

Today was a happy day. After a quick trip to Columbia market, a delicious lunch with my friends Ruth Andrew and Georgie (Georgie is our apron model). It was very exciting to sit next to Min Hogg, and  to chat about her beautiful new papers and cloths; about Peter Schlesinger and London in days which, well, frankly, were a bit more fun; and of course about the World of Interiors.

So it was quite timely to zoom by to the office on my way home and discover my flatmate William in the midst of re shelving his Worlds of Interiors. Here they are! Jealous?  And okay, I know it is very OCD to have your WoIs shelved in date order….. but have you ever tried sleeping at night if they are not?

I’ve been meaning to write about WoI for as long as I have been writing about ‘The Things we Love’. Nothing, after all, is more inspirational than The World of Interiors. We do, of course, have a quite few old copies in the shop to fill the gaps in your collection, or do pop in if you just want a little browse of the best and most beautiful magazine in the world.

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