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Have you noticed something incredibly exciting arriving in London? I can’t say I hate Boris, I can’t say I love him – but I do love the new London bike scheme. All over London, for the last few months, I’ve seen weird square things arriving in the footpaths. And this week – they turned into bike racks. When do they do all of this stuff? In the middle of the night? 



I like the dark blue – I guess we’re lucky these bikes are sponsored by Barclays, not Orange (of course the bikes are sponsored – this is London not Paris after all).

But I REALLY like the idea of the London bike scheme. I can’t wait for the 30th July.

Meanwhile, this evening I arrived down in Dorset. It was good to have a wander around the veg garden at sunset. The potatoes are nearly over, but the peas are nearly ready. Courgettes and pumpkins are beginning their crazy march across the beds. The calendula officianalis are in full swing. The orchard and the meadow – despite the drought – are coming together.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that I only moved in last autumn, and only really started gardening in the spring. Vegetable gardens are a wonderful thing.

Meanwhile the nicotianas and lilies are in flower on the terrace. It’s all really a question, now, of thinking about my big old herbaceous border. Riddled with ground elder, and in need of a lot of work.  That’s a task for next year… watch this space…!










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