Two weekends in High Summer

The heat has been amazing. The earth is dry. It feels as if we are hurtling into late summer already. Walking this morning felt like being in Italy in the height of August.  Apart from gardens and farmers desperately needing the rain, I’d sort of say – this is total bliss. Dreamy England.

Last weekend we had Frances Palmer staying with us. Such fun, having just seen her the week before in Connecticut, but ages ago, she’d fixed up to see the factory in Stoke that is making her new (and I should add) beautiful range of plates – prototypes of which were coming out of the kiln. So, we had two days together in Dorset. Bridport Market, early (there’s a surprise?), followed by a walk with the dogs and then a delicious lunch at Brassica. Tea afterwards at Jasper and Oisin’s.

The sun came and went that first weekend; Saturday evening was gorgeous; the air hot.

On Sunday morning we woke early and took the dogs to Chesil beach.

The sea kale and sea poppies are in full flower.

Coffee with Caddy and Chris, down the valley.  I love their house so much. 

Caddy’s vegetable garden is beyond perfection.

And then we headed back up to London early – back in time for a birthday supper with our friend Maggie.  Such a fun night.

The week flew by. On Friday afternoon we were back. Drinks with Jim and Nic – heaven. 

Which turned in to supper, so I popped home for a bit more wine. The magical hour in the garden. The borders are overflowing. So strange to think that just three years ago this was a lawn…

…And that this terrace wasn’t here.  Mavis and Sibyl always happy to see us.

One of those nights:

Back up to Jim & Nic’s, with supplies. 

Hay making is happening everywhere, so early this year. There hasn’t been rain for 6 weeks.

On Saturday, Mum and Dad came over; that afternoon, after we all went to sleep, I went for a walk. The country feels like August.
The meadow below the house has gone mad. We float above it. 

This morning, Charlie went to the Bridport Antique Market.  Sibyl, Mavis and I went for a walk. 

Blackberries will be coming one of these days.

Hot dog:

Lunch with the Goodwins:

A lazy game of cricket being played on the field.

And an early supper with new friends down the valley, and home, to this:

Charlie pulled his garlic this weekend.

Moon rising:Sun setting:

Here we are, two weekends, straddling the longest day. Dorset at this time of long evenings and the earliest mornings is so soft and calming. I sometimes wonder what our state of mind would be without this weekly reconnection with the land, with time and with a place? There is something about this particular week of the year, when the days begin imperceptibly to shorten, that always feels so lovely, knowing that holidays and freedom are just around the corner; exams finished, schools about to break; lives heading off to new adventures. And in the heat of late June 2018, that sense accelerates; the inky dark green of trees against dusty brown fields reminding us of weeks to follow.

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