Walking the High Line


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Oh man! What’s the best thing thats happened to New York since I left?!? (please, excuse the pun).

The High Line. Regular readers will recall my blog a couple of years ago now about this extraordinary new park (which explains a bit about the history of the Highline), but last week Valentina took Maggie and me for a stroll up there… the first time I’d been. I couldn’t wait to visit…

It doesn’t need a lot of words. A beautifully designed and detailed landscape; intelligent transitions between railway tracks and pathways and furniture and planting at every turn; this place is a landscape architect’s wet dream. (I’m not sure I’m allowed to write that in a family newspaper, but you know what I mean). It’s absolutely, totally, superb.

If I had one fault… it’s not quite long enough. Which luckily is being rectified in the next year or so.

It’s so SO exciting to see such a random, distant vision exploding into real technicolour life. And even more exciting to walk the streets of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, in the sky… a whole new perspective. To me, it’s more about the views out than in.

Now we all love NYC even more.

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